Why Is a Freedom Lifestyle So Important Now?

Why is a freedom lifestyle so important? I've been teaching for over 20 years now about how to live a freedom lifestyle so that you can have the time, the energy, the relationships and the money that you really desire. 

So why is a freedom lifestyle so important right now and why should you do anything and everything you need to do to live a freedom lifestyle. 

The question is Noah what is a freedom lifestyle?  

I've been teaching my clients my $50,000 coaching clients for the last 20 years and one of the reasons that I tell people just like you to add over $2.7 billion in sales. 

Collectively that means I've helped people just like you to add multiple 6, 7 and yes even 8-figures to their business. 

All while working less without tech overwhelm and without information overload. 

This is one of the main reasons that I've been able to do it and that is because what I teach is that a freedom lifestyle has four powerful transformational elements. 

The 4 elements of the Freedom Lifestyle 

  • Time 
  • Energy 
  • Relationships 
  • Money 

When you have the time, the energy, the relationships and the money that you really want then you're living what we call a lifestyle. 

Why is it so important?  

Well think about it this way imagine you had a million dollars in the bank. 

Everybody says well Noah my dream is to have a million dollars in the bank. 

I'm like. Great! 

So, let's say you had a million dollars in the bank but you have no time to enjoy it. 

Is that a freedom lifestyle? Is that abundance?  

Probably not. 

Many people would agree to that way of life. 

What if you had a million dollars in the bank and you have no energy to use it. 

That not really a freedom lifestyle, that's not abundance.  

What if you have a million dollars in the bank and no one to enjoy it with you. 

Many years ago, I took my wife on a trip to the Grand Canyon it was her first time visiting the Grand Canyon. 

We're doing our live event called Freedom Lifestyle Experience in Las Vegas and we had a few days off and so I wanted to take her on a nice trip to the Grand Canyon. 

In fact, I wanted to take her on a VIP excursion a VIP experience. 

So I called up the company and I said hey I want the best experienced VIP with a cherry on top experience that you can give us.  

When we got there was a private plane there was a helicopter, there was a boat, there was a bus and a car. 

It was a wonderful experience that you will never forget and will treasure forever. 

As we were there it was another gentleman with us there was an older gentleman that was there with us as well. 

And there was one point in the trip were there at the Grand Canyon and we had you know some time to ourselves. 

Then before the trip going back to flying back on the plane to Las Vegas. 

We were there and we got to the hangar the airport flies back to Las Vegas and so the gentleman was sitting there. 

And I said to him, how long have you been sitting here?  

Well I've been sitting here about an hour. 

I thought to myself I didn't say no but I thought I said wasn't that strange that you would sit here in an airport hangar for an hour when you have the Grand Canyon right here. 

Then it actually clicked in my head because I realized that one of, I mean the thing that made it so special that Grand Canyon. 

Which if you've never been there is pretty incredible. 

And I you know everyone should go at least once in a lifetime but what made it so special was sharing it with my wife that my best friend. 

So that is how important relationships are. 

Imagine if you had a million dollars and no one to enjoy it with that's really not a freedom lifestyle either.  

Then of course money, we do want to have the thing called money. 

Anyone who says money can't buy happiness, probably doesn't have any. 

As the great philosopher David Lee Roth said well maybe money can't buy happiness but it can buy a yacht to pull right up next to it. 

Money is very important and I grew up poor in a rich neighborhood so I definitely know how important money is and I know what it's like to not have any. 

I've been poor and I've been wealthy and wealthy as a heck of a lot better so that's why a freedom lifestyle is so important right now so what 

I want you to do right now is rate yourself on a scale from one to ten on each of these elements of a freedom lifestyle time, energy, relationships and money. 

How stuck or abundant do you feel in time?  

Are you always saying yourself man I wish I could do this but I don't have the time. 

What about energy are you saying yourself and I'm so tired, I'm depressed, I'm frustrated, I'm lonely whatever it might be you don't have the energy that you want. 

Relationships maybe you don't have the relationships, maybe in your personal life, maybe in your business life or your career right. 

So, we have both our personal and professional relationships that we have to look at. 

And finally, money rate yourself on a scale from one to ten how stuck or abundant do you feel.  

The number one complaint that I hear from entrepreneurs all around the world over 120 countries that I've worked with so far is that they're working way too hard for not enough money. 

So, if you find yourself working way too hard for not enough money and if you want to have more time, more energy, better relationships and more money we invite you to join us at Freedom Lifestyle Experience. 

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Be sure to grab your tickets so I can help you have the time, the energy, the relationships and the money that you really want so you can live that freedom lifestyle that you really desire and deserve. 

So, I'm Noah st. John reminding you that you are not alone and I look forward to being a part of your success story. 

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Noah St. John, Creator of Freedom Lifestyle Experience

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