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Product & Program FAQs

Go to and complete the application.
Afformations are a method of using empowering questions invented by best-selling Noah St. John. Noah’s Afformations System teaches you the proper use of Afformations. See and
All of our products are delivered digitally. We do not ship CDs.
We sent you a private download link when you ordered your iAfform Audio. That link expires in 24 hours. If you need us to re-send your download link, email
These products have individual members areas. Contact if you have any technical questions and we will be happy to assist you.
We no longer use the Cash Attractor, but you can now get Noah’s free video training series on The Missing Piece to Abundant Health, Wealth and Happiness. This free training is available at
No – Noah’s Afformations System is different from The Power Habits System from Nightingale Conant and Power Habits Academy because these are all unique programs designed to help you in different areas of your life. See and

The Afformations System contains bonus material including exclusive videos, Noah’s Attract More Money iAfform Audio, coaching sessions, private interviews, and more.
See and

After purchasing our products, we email you the link for your product to the email you provide us. Sometimes your computer’s security will prevent the delivery of that email. Be sure to “white-list” the domain to ensure the delivery of your email message. For instructions on how to white-list our email, see

Other Frequently Asked Questions

Teleseminars happen over the telephone. They are essentially a large conference call. Noah often does teleseminars as part of his Group Coaching Calls for members of his programs and courses. To join the call, simply dial a designated number, which you’ll receive a few days before the teleseminar.
Webinars happen on your computer, through your web browser. You get audio, like a teleseminar, but you can also see what Noah wants to show you. For his webinars, Noah will present training and information based upon what will be of highest value to the majority of the participants.
An arrangement is made with a webinar company to set up an online “meeting room.” All participants are sent a web address to put in their browser, plus a passcode to gain access to the meeting. Your computer gives you the audio and video.
For the Coaching Calls, you will get the opportunity to ask Noah questions based on how many participants are on a given call. In a webinar, you may be able to ask your question vocally, or you may need to type it into a window on screen to be picked up by the host (in most cases, that will be Noah).
Teleseminars are not conducted via the Internet or computer; they’re just phone calls. Webinars, on the other hand, require that you have an active Internet connection during the session. However, if you can turn on a computer, you can join our webinars.
No, you will be given a number to call which will probably be long-distance for you. You are responsible for paying for the call, which will appear on your long distance phone bill as a regular long distance call. No other charges are tacked on to the call, just whatever your long distance company charges you. We don’t make any money whatsoever off the long distance call.

This learning medium is designed to be instructor-focused, so you should plan on interacting with the host, not with other participants. If other people you know are on the call, please refrain from exchanges like “Hi Mary! I haven’t talked to you in a while. How’s the weather in Boston?” This just bogs down the call.

The bridge line we use for teleseminars allows us to mute everyone except the host, which we do except during the Q & A period. We also encourage everyone to mute their own phone unless they are asking a question. The less interfering sound on the line, the better everyone can hear.

If you have call waiting, please disable it before calling in. Check your phone book or contact your telephone company to get the Disable Call Waiting code for your area. Depending on your phone service, it will likely be one of the following three codes: *70, 70# or 1170.
You’ll call in a few minutes before the session is set to begin. You will hear a short beep and a pre-recorded message to let you know when the host arrives. If you are the first one in the conference, you’ll just wait a minute or two until someone else arrives.
If you are late, call in or log in anyway. Since you’re registered, you will be sent the MP3 recording to hear what you missed. For webinars, you will be sent a link to a video of what happened during the session.