How To Stay Productive Under Quarantine

How to stay productive during quarantine? Are you finding yourself under quarantine? 

Millions of people all over the planet are finding themselves under quarantine right now. 

And yet they still have to work you still got to make a living. 

I have the privilege and the honor really of having a highly successful 7-figure work from home business for the last two decades.

In that span of time I've had the privilege of publishing 15 books, audio books and countless online programs. 

Like Power Habits, The Book of Afformations from Hay House, Power Habits Academy, 6-Figure Machine and the Freedom Lifestyle Challenge. 

How have I been able to do that?  

Well it's really been a function of these productivity secrets and tips. 


Set A Scheduled

You've got to have a schedule it's not enough to just wake up whenever you want and do whatever you want. 

The worst thing about working from home is that you can do whatever you want whenever you want. 

So, the point is when you go into an office when you have a lot of people around.  

If you have your co-workers, your boss, your supervisor or whatever it might be. 

There are things that are expected of you but once you're at home it's a lot easier to let things fall through the cracks. 

You've got to be very disciplined you've got to make sure that you create a schedule and stick to that schedule. 


Make Sure You Set Boundaries 

You've got to set boundaries with the people in your home.  

Maybe you've got kids at home, school-aged, grammar school and high school. 

When I say boundaries, you've got to set boundaries with the people in your life. 

You also need to set physical boundaries make sure that you have a dedicated workspace so that you're not working in the bedroom. 

I understand some people have constraints about where you live. 

But you've still got to be very clear as clear as you possibly can about setting those boundaries with the people in your life. 


Work in NMUI

NMUI is our 90-minute uninterrupted intervals. 

What that means? 

Scientific studies have shown that it's on not just a Circadian Rhythm but an Altar Odium Rhythm. 

Which means that we work best in 90-minute intervals. 

Have you ever noticed that if you're working it let's say you're working your computer and you're working away? 

You're pretty focused and then all of a sudden after about 90 minutes you start to get your eyes mind wander. 

You start to get distracted; you need to stretch; you need to yawn whatever it might be. 

Well that's actually real that's really your body your mind saying... 

Hey dude I need a break right now! 

What I want you to do is actually give yourself a break what most people do is they try to fight through those things. 

And that's actually not very good it will actually lower your productivity. 

What I've seen and in my own life and with my clients.

So what I do is I just work in 90-minute uninterrupted intervals and the key to that phrase is uninterrupted. 


Eliminate Distractions 

We live in a world of infinite distractions in our fingertips. 

Every second of every day we have a world of infinite distractions on our phones and on our computers. 

That is the good news and the bad news. 

People ask me all the time... 

Noah, how have you published 15 books have you written all these books and have you done over a thousand videos on your YouTube channel?  

How have you done that?  

And I answer... 

I've done it by doing it and you can do it too.  

I mean there's no real secret the secret is to do it the secret is do not succumb to the information overload. 

We don't live in the information age we live in the information overload age. 

If you find yourself getting distracted working those 90-minute uninterrupted intervals. 

And I bet you that you will actually be able to eliminate those distractions because if you work in those intervals then you give yourself a break. 

You use what I call Gold Free Zones. 

And then you can serve social media and watch TV. 

It is you want to do during the goal free zone time, so those two things work together and they really effective. 


Use Afformations 

Make sure you use Afformations, you can also read my book on 

All that my Afformations Method means, you want to use empowering questions not statements. 

Typical Affirmation or statement might be?

I'm happy... 

I'm productive...  

And I'm successful...  

Your brain may or may not believe those things. 

Usually we don't. 

What I recommend is use Afformations. 

Afformations means... 

Why am I so successful? 

Why am I so focused? 

Why is it so easy for me to be productive working from my home? 

If you want to have more success in the next 21 days or less. 

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Because I'm going to be teaching you how to install the right beliefs, the right habits and the right offers. 

So that you can actually make more money working from home without information overload and without tech overwhelm. 

Be sure to use these tips that I've shared with you. 

And be sure to share this information with your team, with your friends, your family and your colleagues. 

If they want to be more productive during times of quarantine or even when it's not quarantine time. 

These tips will work for you no matter what any time no matter what's going on out there in the world  

For everyone here at Success Clinic I'm Noah St. John reminding you that you are not alone and I believe in you and I look forward to being a part of your success story.

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Noah St. John, Creator of AFFORMATIONS® and The Freedom Lifestyle 21-Day Challenge

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