Permission to Succeed® Origin Story of Success - Where It All Started

You know 22 years ago I wrote a book called Permission to Succeed. When I had an epiphany and I discovered something called Success Anorexia. I realized that the traditional success books that we've been reading for so many years weren't solving.

The actual problem that so many of us had which is that we were stopping ourselves.

"The level to success we're capable of even when we studied this how to succeed books".

So I realized that I just had to write a book.

Now it was a long time ago 1997 this was long before print-on-demand or anything like that we have today. Then I didn't know what to do, so I put up this makeshift website. I only had $800 to my name.

I was a college student, religious studies major.

Well long story I put up this website I put out this book and people began to order it and buy it from all around the world.

I would start to get story after story, after story of how my little book changed their lives. And then a year later I met a man named Jack Canfield.

Now you probably know Jack Canfield from “Chicken Soup for the Soul”.

Well I knew Jack from Chicken Soup for the Soul too but I'd never met him. I decided to meet him one day because I saw that who's going to be in my town where I was living in Amherst Massachusetts.

And I happened to meet him at an award ceremony where he was winning in award, and he looked at my book.

I said…

Mr. Canfield I'm a huge fan I was wonder if you could take a look at my book. Was the ugliest book you've ever seen because it was self-published. It just came off the printer and I'll tell you it was an ugly book. But a lot of people had already bought it and written me these testimonials.

So he looked at, he was very gracious he said…

Noah this book looks great I'll send it to my publisher. Well there is the publisher right here this is the building for Health Communications Inc. (HCI).

In 1998 the president of HCI right from this very building that we’re standing in front of Peter Vegso so gave me a call.

And he said…

Noah we'd like to publish your book.

That's how my whole curve started, so I really want to thank Jack Canfield. I want to thank Peter Vegso for giving me the chance and for publishing my very first book.

Now guess what’s my 15th book is coming out later this year it's called.

Power Habits “The New Science For Making Success Automatic”.


But it all started from one phone call and one meeting. So how does that I want this means for you is that you never know when your next big break might be coming.

  • Who is that person that you want to be?
  • Who is that person that maybe can give your next break?
  • Who is that person that maybe can give your big break?
  • Who is that person that maybe can give your first break?

I want to say thank you to Jack Canfield and thank you to Peter Vegso. So,thank you to HCI for giving me my big break in my first month. And I am so excited and grateful and very humble in honor.

They have my next book coming out from the Nightingale Conant, Sound Wisdom Company called Powered Habits.

So be sure to look for that at


Noah St. John, Creator of Freedom Lifestyle Experience

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Discover My 7-Figure Mindset & Marketing S.Y.S.T.E.M. to Achieve Double-Digit Growth in Your Business and Get Your Life Back

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