The #1 Thing to Look for in a Mentor

I've been looking at and talking about this topic of mentor-ship. I've talked to you about what is a mentor. And why it's so interesting to have a mentor and the cost of not having a mentor. What that's going to cost you and also the cost of having the wrong mentor.

So, what's the number one thing you should look for a mentor?

Well, when I talked about mentor-ship in an earlier episode. I talked about the three things you need to look for mentor.

1. Someone who's where you want to be.

It's that person who's where you want to be in life. There's only one big problem that's really inconsiderable to find. You can't turn on social media you can't turn on Facebook or Instagram.

Without seeing some new dude saying;

  1. Look all my cool stuff.
  2. Look at my new car.
  3. Look at my this.
  4. Look at my that.

I don't know how someone awesome and you're like yeah you're awesome dude.

And that's great we all want nice things. We all want to have nice things you want to take our family on fun vacations have those nice cars and all that shiny stuff it’s great.

There's only one problem have you helped anybody else. Is it just about them what you see and about the goose and unfortunately for many of us.

It's cost us a lot of money and time and effort and finding out those gurus. Those guys with all the shiny objects can't teach the way out of a paper bag. So the first thing you want to find someone is where you want to be.

2. Make sure that they can show you how to get there.

They can show you how to get there not just that they got there because they did one single thing.

  • Maybe they got lucky.
  • Maybe they did something.
  • Maybe they worked hard.

But one thing happened for them and it turned out great. But there's an old saying that

"When your only tool is a hammer, everything looks like a nail".


And, so you got to be careful about everybody, or they the good out there who treat everything as a nail.

Those two things are very important but what's the number one thing you need to look for in a mentor. You need to look for results from other people from other people that they have worked with, from other people that they've mentored.

I want you to look at the videos on that page why because those

are just a few a tiny fraction of the people that I have coached and mentored  and helped my clients getting to multiple 6 & 7 and even 8 figures in their business.

There are three major milestones that I help people get to in their business.

  1. Making the first ten thousand dollars online.
  2. Making 100k a year.
  3. Getting to a million dollars and beyond.

So, wherever you are on that spectrum?

If you haven't made your first ten thousand dollars online. If you want to get to that 100k a year without information overload without information overwhelms. Or you want to get to those million dollars a year I can help you with that.

The number one thing that you want to look for in a mentor.

“Is someone who has gotten results for other”.

People not just themselves because if they're only talking about themselves. If all their stories about themselves, that's when you need to look out.

I wish I'd taken this advice when I spent over half a million dollars. I spent over five hundred thousand dollars on all those gurus out there. Only to find out they couldn't teach their way out of a paper bag.

So don't make the same mistakes that I did instead do your homework do your research.


Noah St. John, Creator of Freedom Lifestyle Experience

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