What Is a Mentor?

What is a mentor? A mentor is someone who advises, supports, counsels, and inspires others. An effective mentor realizes that their role is to be highly aware of and attuned to the needs of the mentee – the person being mentored.

Here are the top 3 things to look for in a mentor…

#1: An effective mentor is where you want to be.

Remember that Saturday Night Live sketch where Chris Farley played “Motivational Speaker” Matt Foley?

The famous line from that sketch is, “I live in a van down by the river!”

Um, not exactly the kind of mentor we’d want, is it?

(That’s what made the sketch so funny.)

The point is that you want your mentor to be where you want to be.

Whether you’re looking for a mentor in your business, your health, your relationships, or your career, it’s crucial to choose a mentor who has had actual success in the area YOU want to succeed in.

#2: An effective mentor can show you exactly how to get there.

This is one of the biggest problems in mentorship.

Because there are a lot of successful people out there – people who have reached the top of their profession.

But because they are Unconsciously Competent at Allowing Themselves to Succeed, they are doing a lot of things unconsciously.

Which means they can’t actually teach you WHAT they did.

That is also one of the reasons that many of my clients have come to me after spending a lot of time and money on all the “gurus” out there – but they were still STUCK.

Because no one had taken the time to show them the step-by-step formula to get rid of their head trash.

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#3: An effective mentor believes in you, even when you don’t believe in yourself.

We don’t see the world as it is; we see it as WE ARE.

That’s why the most effective mentors realize that everyone has “pictures in their heads” about the way life is and should be.

But – and this is key – they don’t have to make someone else “wrong” in order for them to be “right”.

Naturally, when the mentee is struggling with bad habits like addiction, stress, overwhelm, procrastination and the like – the mentor does not say, “Oh, that’s great – keep doing what you’re doing!”

Of course not.

Instead, an effective mentor will seek to understand the world from the mentee’s perspective…

And then gently but firmly point the mentee in a better, healthier (notice I didn’t say “the right”) direction.

That’s one reason why effective mentors don’t just tell you WHAT to do – they also help you BELIEVE that you CAN do it.

Bottom line: Having a mentor will give you a huge advantage in today’s competitive marketplace.

And NOT having a mentor is like driving down the road of life with one foot on the brake.

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It’s true: You CAN have more success and you CAN live the lifestyle of your dreams.

I believe in you!


Noah St. John, Author The Book of Afformations®

Founder of Power Habits® Academy

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  1. Jennier November 9, 2016 at 7:20 am - Reply

    Thank you Noah St. John, this is really valuable information; I am in a business (since 1990) with someone
    (father of my child now 26) whom I thought I could learn from and grow both the business and myself through this experience. Unfortunately where this falls short is that he is efficient in ‘instructing me to do ……’ what he wants me to do, if I try anything of my own even if it is to try and improve something in the business “I am on my own” and as he does not support me, what I do ‘falls flat’ I have tried before, but more intently since 1914 to
    get the books, banking details etc, even moved the business to my house (big mistake, another area of control
    for him); Well that is in brief, back to your article, coming from an abused upbringing and subsequent attraction of more of same I realize my idea to ‘need a mentor’ was right, it is simply that I did not understand what to ‘look out for’ instead of ‘taking what I could get’ ……. I am in my mid 60’s, have no control over finances, hence I am unable to even plan to ‘fix a leak in the roof’ without consulting him and waiting on ‘his time’

    I am sorry to say all of this as I know that I have to help myself, just I am alone and stuck in my limited head knowledge. I have down loaded your Afformations Book and your recent offering ‘Get rid of Your (my…..) head Trash’ I clearly need to put some ‘new’ ideas into action – even just to ‘see what happens ‘ that could be different. Only now realized/became aware of what ‘control’ by another person means – my picture is really bleak, though from this point, whatever I do different is going to show different results. This is not about him,
    this is about who I am that attracted this to myself. I am like a person in deep water, thrashing my arms about
    in an attempt to stay afloat, and I have no clue that just relaxing, I can cease moving, find out I will not sink, and
    wow, may even enjoy floating around for a while, till my feet touch the earth again, if this ever becomes necessary – once I know I can do this ……………be blessed for all your valuable shared information, it has shed light onto many areas of pain todate – Thank you

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