Don’t Wait Until You Know Everything Before You Do Something

Have you ever wished you could know everything before making a particular decision?

All the parameters, possible outcomes, good things and bad things that could possibly occur?

Hey, it’s perfectly normal to want to have all the information before moving forward on a particular decision.

But there are many times in life when that just won’t happen. . .

Don’t wait until you know everything before you do something.

What is that THING you’ve been procrastinating on?

That PROJECT you’ve been waiting to start until the “timing is right”?

The timing is NEVER right.

There’s no such thing as the “right time”.

Please note: I am NOT saying you shouldn’t plan for things.

I’m also NOT saying you should just rush headlong into making rash decisions.

Of course you should make plans and plan ahead, especially for major life decisions.

What I’m talking about is “paralysis by analysis” – the constant waiting for the “right time” before you take action.

If I had waited until I was “ready” or the time was “right”, I would never have written my first book.

Now I’ve written 11 of them.

None of them are “perfect”.

But guess what?

All of them are DONE.

Today’s lesson?

Take inspired, imperfect action. . .

Because the Universe likes speed.

Noah’s Note: Don’t wait until you know everything before you do something. #afformations #Performance&Profit

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