The Law of Attraction and The Belief Gap – How to Change Your Life

The Law of Attraction, positive thinking, changing your life – they all hinge on one thing…

Changing your beliefs.

We’ve been taught to make positive statements, and then the universe will hear those statements and make what you say real.

Now, this method can work and does work for many people; yet, millions of people struggle with it every day.

No matter how hard you try, the universe just does NOT seem to be listening!

I know exactly how that feels… because for years, I surrounded myself with positive statements and told the universe exactly what I wanted. And for years, I thought the universe was just ignoring me, because I kept NOT getting what I wanted.

For example, one of the things I wanted was to find the love of my life and have us live happily ever after. So I wrote dozens and dozens of positive statements and said them over and over and over again.

But when I finally admitted that I didn’t believe the statements I was saying, I realized that the universe was giving me what I had been asking for all along… because I didn’t believe I could have what I really wanted.

In other words, I couldn’t cross my Belief Gap.

You see, when you want to make a change in your life, you want to get from where you ARE to where you want to be.

Sometimes it’s really simple. For example, you say to yourself: I need to exercise more. And you start exercising more.

This happens because you believe that you can exercise more, so your Belief Gap is very small (maybe like a crack in the sidewalk that you can just step over).

But other times, the changes you want might be really big… Like losing a lot of weight, building a six-figure business, or finding your true love.

The plain and simple truth is, you may not BELIEVE you can do it.

When this is the case, your Belief Gap can seem as wide as the Grand Canyon.

As long as you do not fully believe the statements you’re making, you won’t be able to cross your Belief Gap – and therefore, never see the changes you really want in your life.

That’s why, when I was trying to find the love of my life, I put positive statements EVERYWHERE. But because I didn’t believe them, she kept NOT showing up!

I hadn’t crossed my own Belief Gap.

It wasn’t until that fateful day in The Shower That Changed Everything when I realized the one simple fact about our beliefs…

It’s very hard to change your beliefs using statements alone, because there’s something missing.

And it’s this one simple fact that makes Afformations® so different.

Once you start using Afformations®, you’ll learn how to rapidly build a strong, sturdy bridge to cross your Belief Gap.

And once you cross your Belief Gap for whatever it is that you want, then you are able to manifest anything you want in your life… faster, easier, and with far less effort than ever before.

That’s why, since I discovered Afformations®, not only did I find the love of my life – and yes, we’re living happily ever after! – I was also able to create the life of my dreams, because now I can cross any Belief Gap that comes into my life.

Bottom line? Until you cross your individual Belief Gap for each result, outcome, or experience you want in your life, it will be very difficult for you to make the leap to reach the new life and create the new reality you desire.

Take Action Challenge:

Cross your Belief Gap using Afformations®, because you are much more powerful than you think.

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I believe in you!

Noah St. John, Author of The Book of Afformations®

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Discover My 7-Figure Mindset & Marketing S.Y.S.T.E.M. to Achieve Double-Digit Growth in Your Business and Get Your Life Back

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