Joe Polish is the Founder and President of Piranha Marketing Inc. He is also the creator of Genius Network® Interview Series, founder of Genius Network® (aka The 25K Group), and co-founder of, and, two highly popular podcasts on iTunes.

Who is Joe Polish

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In his early 20s (circa 1990), he started a carpet cleaning business. Intuitively, he determined that sharing value-add information would be a better way to market his service than filling the airwaves with marketing hype. Well before the era of social media and online marketing he shared his messages through direct mail, recorded messages and email.

He developed Education-Based Marketing tools he distributed in print, video and free recorded messages. His material included a Consumers Guide To Carpet Cleaning, with entries such as “How To Avoid Four Carpet Cleaning Rip-offs,” “8 Mistakes To Avoid When Choosing A Carpet Cleaner,” and “7 Questions To Ask A Carpet Cleaner Before You Invite Them Into Your Home.”

In short, he followed (maybe even pioneered) the Golden Rule of Content I’ve covered before: Great content provides information people need and are genuinely eager to hear. His business thrived. He quickly became the voice of marketing advice to other carpeting cleaners. So he developed marketing services for others. He opened advisory services to additional sectors. He launched podcasts. Conferences. Daily dial-in tips. From there he became a high-end consultant to many of the world’s best authorities in business (as well as at least a few of my entrepreneurial friends).

Joe Polish is the founder of Genius Network® and GeniusX®, President of Piranha Marketing Inc., Creator of the Genius Network® Interview Series, Co-founder of and, and Founder of, 3 highly popular free podcasts on iTunes.

Joe’s marketing expertise has been utilized to build thousands of businesses and has generated hundreds of millions of dollars for his clients, ranging from large corporations to small family-owned businesses. Known for his entrepreneurial focus on value creation, connection, and contribution, Joe’s leadership is the reason he’s one of the most sought-after marketers alive today.

Joe has helped raise over $3 million for Virgin Unite, Sir Richard Branson’s foundation. His current passion projects include, and Joe’s mission is to help change the global conversation surrounding addiction and addicts from one of judgement to one of compassion.

Joe Polish is one of the most sought after marketers alive today. Known for his ability to connect with almost anyone on the planet, he leverages his networking prowess through his highly renowned Genius Network, and GeniusX masterminds with household guests like Peter Diamandis, Tony Robbins, Sir Richard Branson, Steve Forbes, and John Mackay coming in to share their wisdom with the groups.

With these events, as well as his work as a consultant, Joe has helped to build thousands of businesses, generated hundreds of millions of dollars for his clients, and changed the lives of many others through his charitable causes including:,, Genius Recovery, and Sir Richard Branson’s Foundation, Virgin Unite. Joe continues to be a prominent figure in the world of business and entrepreneurship, reaching people not only through his business endeavors, but through various forms of media as well. He’s the co-founder of two popular podcasts, 10XTalk and iLoveMarketing.
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