Power Packs Afformations®

iAfform® Audio Power Packs include our three most popular Afformations® Recordings at a discounted price.

Whether you want ULTIMATE WEALTH, ULTIMATE HEALTH, or ULTIMATE LOVE, our iAfform® Audio Power Packs can help you get what you want twice as fast with HALF the effort!

Ultimate Wealth Afformations® Power Pack

FACT: You can make more money than you ever dreamed of when you align your subconscious mind with your conscious actions.

Includes our 3 most popular recordings that help you attract more money, wealth and abundance into your life:

-- Ultimate Wealth
-- Ultimate Business Success
-- Ultimate Self-Confidence
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iAfform® Audio Ultimate Wealth Power Pack
iAfform® Audio Ultimate Health Power Pack

Ultimate Health Afformations® Power Pack

It’s true: To lose weight and KEEP it off, you have to think right as well as eat right and exercise right.

The Ultimate Health AFFORMATIONS® Power Pack includes our 3 most popular recordings that will help you be healthier, lose weight and keep it off…

-- Easy Weight Loss
No More Stress
-- Sleep Better
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Ultimate Love Afformations® Power Pack

Yes, everyone wants more love in their lives. If you want to experience deep, lasting love, you have to change the way you think about love as well as what you do.

The Ultimate Love Afformations® Power Pack includes our 3 most popular recordings that help you find and enjoy the love you’ve been dreaming of:

-- Ultimate Love
-- Relationships
-- Life Purpose
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iAfform® Audio Ultimate Love Power Pack

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