How to Get to Work When You Don’t Feel Like It

Why are we looking at procrastination?

Well because procrastination is the thief of time. I showed you what procrastination is costing you.

I showed you three ways three steps that you can stop procrastinating. And now let me show you how to get to work even when you don't feel like it because let's face it folks.

A lot of times we don't feel like working we don't feel like doing that stuff that we need to do.

Now we need to do in order to fulfill our mission. So what is your mission you know I was thinking about the fact that I've had quite a career. It's been really fascinating this long long journey called life.

You know what and I started out as a professional ballet dancer. Then I had a career-ending injury. I had to be I had to make money, I had a bunch of survival jobs.

I would get there and I go is that yeah are you kidding me. I worked on that's all I get where's my money. It was awful and I'm like that I've got him.

But I didn't know what to do I didn't know what my mission was. I didn't know why I was here on the earth. and so it was really really hard it was really a struggle in my life.

Then at the age of 30 I had two epiphanies that changed my life. When I discovered Afformations and Success Anorexia.

Then I discovered what has now become the Power Habits System. Which will be my new book coming out later this year called Power Habits.

So I knew that I was here for but I didn't know what it was and maybe you're feeling that way too. Maybe you're like…

• I know I'm made for more than this.
• I know I'm made for greater things.
• I know I'm not here to have a job to work.

You know put in my hours get up get up measly paycheck. Maybe you want to reach that 100k a year, that exclusive 100K per year in your business.

Now for entrepreneurs that we worked with over the last 20 years. So there's really three main milestones when you're in your business.

The first is going from zero to $10,000.

Getting that ten grand in your pocket especially when we're talking about online sales. When you're talking about online sales to get that $10. So is that where you are now.

Have you made your initial $10,000?

The second milestone is to get to $10,000 a month.

Which is a hundred thousand dollars a year. So ten thousand a month so your initial milestone that we help you get to the second milestone.

We help you get to is the hundred thousand a year. Meaning basically ten thousand dollars a month.

The third milestone we helped you get to is a million dollars in earnings.

Where are you in there. Have you made your initial $10,000? Have you are you making ten thousand a month?

Meaning 100k a year or have you made that. And your next milestone is you want to get to the million.

Those are three milestones we help you hit and it's easy to measure.

How to Get to Work

Now there's days that I don't feel like doing how to get to work. That I like you know…

• I want to watch cat videos.
• I want to watch Netflix.
• I want to goof around.

Who wants to how to get to work all the time?

I mean I don't think anybody does. There's a lot of times I don't want to. You know like I finished writing my 15th book called Power Habits. It's coming out last year a lot of times I woke up I'm like I don't feel like writing today.

But you know what the reason that I was to do it. Because of what I said a moment ago it's because of my mission of why I'm here on the earth.

See there's a in my case it's so clear because there is this distinct line between when I knew or when I didn't know.

Why I was here?

And then when I knew why I was here. When I didn't have my mission which is the 30 years of my life. At the age of 25 I decided to commit suicide because I was so unhappy.

I hate it and then at the age of 30. That's when I had those two epiphanies and I discovered my mission on the earth. For me it's cut and dry. There's before and after, so you could say be a and a before.

That's my life so my life is to teach the world about Afformations. How to overcome success anorexia.

I'm proud to be on this journey with you. It maybe you haven't gotten there yet, I don't know have you do you know your mission.

Have your mission or are you still looking like I was before I discovered Afformations. For me it was like a lightning bolt. It was ton of bricks, it was a you know cold water on the face.

If you don't know your mission, if you haven't reached the milestone of $10,000. If you haven't reached that milestone of 100K a year. And if you really have in your sights to get to that million dollars. Seven figures that's the third milestone.

Few entrepreneurs ever get it. We've helped tons of entrepreneurs get there. We felt thousands of entrepreneurs. All three milestones.

So it's up to you where you want to get, but you got to hit one. Then the next one you can't put the cart before the horse that's a lot of people.

We had one woman, I remember one woman at one of our last live event. She came up and she said…

“Hey Noah I love what you're saying. I want to get to that 100K a year.”

And I said. Great!

She said. But I've tried everything.

I said. Well tell me what you've tried?

She said. Well I'm running a lot of Facebook ads and I lost a lot of money.

I said. Well why did you do that?

She said. Well this guru told me to do it.

But what are you running ads to she goes. I'm running them to my website and I said.

Well do you have an offer like you have a specific sales funnel. And she goes no I'm sending to my website and I said you understand. There's nothing you can do with what you told me.

All you can do is lose money with what you told me. The only way you should be running Facebook Ads is if you have a proven sales funnel that makes money.

So Facebook ads is like the last thing you should be doing, but see a lot of the gurus says.

“It's not traffic and conversion, it's conversion then traffic.”

So that's one simple example of how the gurus can really screw you up and have cost me. So we want to get you out of that.

That's why I hold feel my effects because I walk you through the steps. Whatever phase you're at if you want to reach your ten thousand dollars in sales. If you want to get to 100K and if you want to get to a million dollars in sales.

Meaning your totality your business including.

• Speaking
• Books
• Coaching
• Consulting
• Live Events

You want to do this because you want to get to a million dollars. You got to do a lot of things.

The reason is because I have a mission. My mission is to touch a billion lives and eliminate not enough this from the earth. I know I'm not gonna eliminate not enough this. I know that won't happen but yet that's my mission that pulls me.

When my laziness wants to stop me my laziness to lay around. You know and do nothing and relax. I'm the guy that teaches about gold free zones. I'm the guy that teaches hey you shouldn't be working all the time and you need to take breaks.

I literally teach you the steps, so that you can literally double your productivity while working less. that sounds totally insane. How to get to work while working less. I show you exactly how to do that at

That how could I have written 15 Books if I was working all the time or not. Taking breaks and never working when I didn't feel like it how could I do that. So how can I teach you how to do it? If I didn't do it if I wasn't proving it to you see my point.

How to get to work when you don't feel like it is you have a mission you have your why to. That is pulling you and knowing that you're here for something.

Whether you want to get to your $10,000 in all-night sales. What do you want to get to 100K here in your business or whether you want to have a million dollars that you've made in your business.

We can help you get there because we've done it over and over and over again go to and look at some of the videos. Watch a few of those case study videos of my clients and my students.

There's no reason, if you think I can't help you that's your head trash. That's your head trash saying a problem won't work for me. It's work for all those other people it won't work for me that's Head Trash.

Remember this isn't a multi speaker event. This isn't a bunch of people try to sell yourself. We have a time and we love seeing the transformations from people like you.

"How to Get to Work"

It is you have your mission your why to that pulls you. Now remember don't work all the time.

Why? Because I did my work I showed up. I did my work take a break and you get back to work. It's about fulfilling your mission here on the earth. If you don't know what it is we'll help you find it .

We'll help you make money while you help many people, while you're transforming lives while you're making a difference. I'm not motivated by money, I'm motivated by impact. I'm motivated by making a difference.

I talked about the three stages of money that's it. But the point is we use money as a milestone marker that's all. Which really basically says how much are you helping people and how well are you doing promoting yourself and your services your product your opportunity.

If you procrastinate you're scuffing ward and why why do that why cost yourself when you can have and the excitement of helping people. Making a difference and making money doing all for everyone.

Would you like to stop procrastinating so you can get to $100K a year (and beyond) without Information Overload?

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how to get to work


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