Are Your Habits Productive or Unproductive?

Continuing our discussion of habits and how they relate to success…

Let’s say you want to lose weight and get in shape. Even though you know consciously that you should drink more water and less soda if you want to lose weight and get in shape, you will continue to do the habits that are not helping you reach your goals…

Until and unless you change your internal Why-To’s and Why-Not-To’s, and replace that unproductive habit of drinking soda with the more productive habit of drinking water throughout the day.

What’s the difference between a productive habit and an unproductive habit?

productive habit is a habit that moves you TOWARDS your desired goal or destination.

An unproductive habit is one that stops you or prevents you from reaching your goal.

For example, let’s say you have a big project due at work. You know you should work on that project, but for some reason, you keep putting it off and putting it off.

You are doing the habit called PROCRASTINATING.

That is your foot on the BRAKE, because it’s stopping you from reaching your destination, which is to finish the project.

How does this habit show up? You keep finding reasons to do “busywork” and not work on the project until the last minute, when you know the deadline is looming and you just can’t put it off any more.

Then you suddenly pour on the GAS – you put the pedal to the metal, sweat bullets and somehow complete the project just in time.

But, inside you, you know that it’s really not your best work – and your boss knows it, and your co-workers probably know it, too.

The question is: why would you continue to do things that don’t contribute to your health, wealth, happiness, and success, when you consciously know you that should do something different?

Take Action Challenge:

Start doing more productive habits and cut down on the unproductive ones.

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