You probably saw the movie The Secret. You know, where they told you that you can sit around all day, thinking about money, and money will just come to you?

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if life worked that way?

There’s only one problem.

It doesn’t work that way AT ALL.

Here on lovely planet Earth, we have to do this annoying thing called work to get the things we want.

Whether it’s money, love, happiness, a successful business, to be healthy, or to be happy, the bottom line is this . . .

$20 bills tend to NOT knock on your door and say, “Hey, can I come in?” 

Gosh. Darn. It.

What is it you’ve been waiting, wishing, hoping for?

Here’s some counterintuitive advice:


Stop waiting.
Stop wishing.
Stop hoping.

Start taking ACTION.

Start taking INSPIRED Action.

Start taking inspired, IMPERFECT Action.

You see, I started on this crazy journey nearly two decades ago with no money, no connections, no skills, no knowledge, no experience, and no support.

All I had was a dream. . . and a fierce willingness to ACT.

It’s easy to daydream, wish, and hope.

What’s hard is to keep taking action even when your results don’t show up right away.

But you can do it. I believe in YOU.

Noah’s Note: $20 bills tend to NOT knock on your door and say, “Hey, can I come in?” #boom #limitless

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Noah St. John, Author The Book of Afformations®

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