How to Have Work Life Balance

I’ve always been a workaholic. I learned it from my old man, who worked like a dog but never learned how to make money.

I ended up working a bunch of “survival” jobs just to, um, survive. But I hated every second of it.

So when I started in my college dorm room in 1997 with $800 and a book on how to do html, I knew that I’d have to work hard – but that wasn’t going to be the problem.

The problem was going to be… how to have work life balance while I worked my ass off.

What It Means to Have Work Life Balance

Having work life balance means 3 things:

  1. You’re not always working.
  2. You make time to just LIVE.
  3. You occasionally consciously unplug from technology.

That last one is really hard for a lot of people.

Did you know that most people would rather lose their wallet than their smart phone?

I am not one of those people who sleeps with their smartphone. But according to a 2015 report from Bank of America, I’m in the minority.

This is just one example of how NOT to have work life balance.

Why It’s So Important to Have Work Life Balance

Have you ever noticed that when you work and work without taking breaks, the quality of your work suffers?

And when you have work life balance – a balance of life and work – you feel more energized, creative and motivated?

Imagine not feeling stressed out…

Not feeling overwhelmed…

Not having to work all the time.

Those are some of the good things that happen when you have work life balance.

How to Have Work Life Balance

  1. List the activities you like to do when you’re not working – for example, reading, golfing, tennis, sailing…
  2. Don’t prioritize your schedule; schedule your priorities.

That means rather than trying to fit these activities in “when you get around to it” – which is code for “never” – put these activities in your weekly schedule.

Dr. Stephen Covey calls this “putting first things first.”

  1. Use Goal-Free Zones – times and places where you stop setting goals.

The term Goal-Free Zones was first popularized in my book Permission to Succeed®, published by the Chicken Soup for the Soul publisher.

Since then, I’ve taught tens of thousands of people how to use Goal-Free Zones through a process called The Power Habits® of Unconsciously Successful People.

You can get my free video training series on The Power Habits® of Unconsciously Successful People at

Use these simple steps as a guide on how to have work life balance.

Noah’s Note: When you keep your nose to the grindstone too long, eventually you have no nose.

Picture This

Just imagine…

✔        Not holding yourself back from being yourself…

✔        Having more time freedom to do the things you want to do…

✔        Getting your foot off the brake in your life, love and career…

✔        Not working yourself to the bone, sacrificing family and friends…

✔        Not stopping yourself  from reaching your personal and financial goals

✔        Not beating yourself up any more

✔        Feeling the inner peace and self-confidence that highly successful people do

✔        Having more impact, influence, and income

✔        Living the life you dream of

Now you may find that being yourself is an important goal of yours.

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I believe in you!


Noah St. John, Creator of Afformations®

Founder of Power Habits® Academy

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