Chapter 4: “The Inner Game of Money” [4 of 5]

Everybody wants things to change…

Everybody wants things like more money,

a new car, a nicer home, a private jet,
and lots of money in the bank…

But almost nobody wants to do the things necessary
to make the change happen.

Actually, let me rephrase…

Only highly successful people are willing to do
the things necessary to make the change happen.

You see, I grew up poor in a rich neighborhood…

All around me, I saw the trappings of wealth…

Big houses, nice cars, fancy clothes…

But my family lived at the bottom of a dirt road
in a drafty, unfinished house.

So I knew, even from a very young age…

That if I ever wanted to live a different life than
the only one I had ever known…

That I would have to change…

That nothing would be handed to me…

And that I would have to make the change happen myself.

Was it easy? Hell no.

Was it fast? Not by a long shot.

Was it painless? No, it was mostly quite painful.

Was it worth it?

You tell me…

  • 5-figure days – yes, I said days
  • 6-figure book deals and product launches
  • 7-figure business working from home
  • Hay House and Nightingale-Conant author
  • Dream vacations paid with cash
  • Beautiful wife, beautiful home, beautiful life

I’m not telling you this to brag.

I’m telling you this to show you that yes,
it was hard, painful and yes, even lonely
to make these changes in my life.

But in the end, it was totally worth it.

Okay, so first thing’s first…

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Now, back on track …

We’ve discussed things like desire and belief and action…

And your inner story and knowing what you want and believing in yourself.

I’m going to show you how to put all of that together live on Thursday.

For example, I shared these principles with one of my clients, George from Texas.

George heard about me from a friend, and when he came to me,
he was exhausted from working 70 to 80 hours a week and
living paycheck to paycheck.

Today, George is earning $20,000 a day and
on his way to $6 million in revenues this year.

Of course, it wasn’t always easy.

But like I said before, it was totally worth it.

In our live event Thursday, you’re going to learn
how to heal your relationship with money in a way
not taught by anyone else, no matter how much you pay.

The fact is, we will knock it out of the park together
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The point I’m making about change is that oftentimes,
you have to do things that most people would call “crazy”
in order to get the thing you really want.

But it really isn’t “crazy” at all…

What it really is, is simply uncomfortable.

Maybe even downright scary.

For example, If I hadn’t gone back to college at age 28…

I might not have discovered Afformations.

If I hadn’t moved to Ohio after a friend’s casual suggestion…

I would never have met my wife.

And if I hadn’t taken a risk and written my first book…

You and I wouldn’t be connected right now.

My point is, none of these things I did were
actually “crazy” in the way most people look at it.

But they were definitely uncomfortable…

They certainly stretched me in terms of
what I thought I could and couldn’t do…

And yes, I’ll admit that sometimes I felt
downright afraid.

But in the end, isn’t that where all of
our growth lies…

Outside what we think is “comfortable”?

So, here’s your homework assignment
for today…

I want you to tell me one thing you’ve done
in your life that was uncomfortable for you…

Maybe even scary…

That led to an amazing and unexpected, positive result.

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See you tomorrow.

Talk soon,

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I believe in you!

Noah St. John, Author of The Book of Afformations

“Noah’s methods can literally transform your life—and help you create the masterpiece you truly want and are capable of achieving.”
— John Assaraf, from the Foreword

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— Jack Canfield, Chicken Soup for the Soul

“Noah comes from his heart and shows you how to awaken to your own inner power—through the magic of a single question.”
— Dr. Joe Vitale, The Attractor Factor

“Using Noah’s methods, I tripled my income, renewed my personal relationships, and took my life to the next level of overall wealth . . . all in less than 12 months!”
— Cari Murphy, Radio Host

“I went from penniless to a 6-figure income in six months thanks to Noah’s Afformations System.”
— Susan Sherayko, Television Producer

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  1. Marcia July 30, 2013 at 10:54 am - Reply

    I travelled abroad on holiday not looking for relationship, just to enjoy the break. I met my now partner, fell hopelessly in love, only viewing what we had as holiday romance, returned back home, accepted his proposal of marriage, agreed to a very brief engagement, all by long distance and in the space of six months. Instinctively, I had a strong sense of him being my soulmate, and although the marriage has been postponed due to financial constraints, I believe without any doubt that we will marry very, very soon. This is indeed a strange and totally out of character situation for me. I wouldn’t normally embrace the advances of someone I have met on holiday, but my partner and I are here one year later with the same intense feelings we had when we were together in August 2012. He rings me two-three times a day and we have planned our marriage and life together as partners. I have taken the leap of faith, believing that we will be together by the end of August 2013, but definitely by Christmas. This for some, including my family and some friends would seem and believe is crazy, but I believe that my in built desire has evolved into my reality.

  2. Leigh Ann Reedy July 30, 2013 at 7:48 pm - Reply

    I had a Federal job as a trades-maintenance worker around a big lake for a cumulative of 10 years.
    Every day (98% of the time) I got to do my favorite things. Be alone in nature, welding pipe rail fences, hauling rock, routing redwood signs for the many (mostly empty) parks, painting, working outdoors & driving, seeing what the clouds were doing all the time, doing all types of trades work with good quality tools, operating tractors & sometimes the bulldozer, planting & watering hundreds of trees with a water truck, sucking water from the lake…doing all kinds of repairs – basically it was my Heaven.
    Then Uncle Sam did a reduction in force since the workers were experiencing death too soon around their retirement time due to environmental – personal hazards of the job position.
    I was afraid & still alone, not having my low paying , but secure employment.
    Needing to escape from the world at that time because my beloved ‘young’ Mama had experienced a fatal heart attack, only to live a year longer in a coma. I was very sick with depression & headaches, but I felt I had to start over someplace even more “alone”, so I could just work my days and nights away with hard manual labor as my crutch to stay alive. (helping others as a side effect)
    It was 1990, almost a year after hurricane Hugo devastated the Virgin Islands. So I parked my old reliable Celica under a tree, sold my little house trailer out in the country, the buyer drove me to buy a one way ticket with my $1000, & I went to help rebuild the government housing projects on St Croix.
    23 years later, even though the depression & headaches continue, my life is filled with birds, flowering trees and bush, bees by my front door, warmth all year round, incredible people, different cultures, my beautifully talented 17 year old daughter growing up on the theater stages taking leads singing, dancing, acting, teaching ballet to the young classes, having incredibly fantastic, long living stray animals & living as close to nature as I ever dreamed, – in a cute little abandoned house, in the middle of the island, in the middle of the sea, in a Paradise made for just us two.
    But not much money. Not enough money to develop my film, edit my videos, organize my piles of “junk” into the many picture story books I haven’t written yet, – & possibly soon have to give up the house because of the impending doom of a tax auction.
    The action of leaving my sadness, my comfortable place, selling my home for a one way plane ticket to an island that still lacked electricity most everywhere after a hurricane and almost a year without rainfall……led to over 2 decades of being alone in bliss with my baby, now almost 18, in a postcard type, quiet, beautiful paradise, where not only the breeze and sun are warm daily, but the many cultured ‘locals’ being a big contribution to the warmth that greets me every time I venture out down the little dirt road & over the hills with the turquoise Caribbean Sea on every horizon.
    Noah, I hide from the world mostly, so I do not have Facebook. Hope it is OK to show my homework assignment here instead.
    Best wishes to all of you that feel the winds of change (beginning with our own stirring) – in order to get our ‘winds in the sails’ once more.

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