Why Your Mind Is Like An Iceberg

Whether I’m coaching CEOs, celebrities, or stay-at-home moms…

Consulting for Fortune 500 companies, entrepreneurs, or startups…

I’ve never met one person who doesn’t WANT to succeed.

Fact: Human beings are motivated by Success.

Yet, we also know that millions of people have spent a ton of time, energy and money trying to be more successful…

But are still struggling to create the life they really want.

So, what’s going on here?

There must be something hidden… something deeper… something not visible to the casual observer…

The Hidden Cause of Habits.

Picture an iceberg. We know that about 90% of an iceberg is hidden beneath the surface of the water, while only about 10% is visible, above the surface.

Neuroscientists at esteemed institutions like Stanford, Harvard, MIT and others have determined that the human brain operates in much the same way.

Just like an iceberg, your mind is comprised of two parts: the part that’s visible (above the surface) and the part that’s hidden (below the surface).

The Iceberg of Consciousness.

Instead of the water line, let’s call the line that separates the two parts of your mind the Line of Consciousness.

And we’ll call the visible 10% your Conscious Mind, and the hidden 90% your Subconscious Mind. Another word for Conscious is intentional, because it represents CHOICE.

According to scientific research, your Conscious Mind makes up less than 10% of your total brain function. That means that the Subconscious or unintentional aspect of your mind represents around 90% of your total brain function.

Your Subconscious is a vast collection of unintentional, habitual thoughts, behaviors, and actions. Therefore, the phrase that best describes the Subconscious mind is NO CHOICE.

For example, imagine that you’re sitting in your living room in your home. What if someone came in while you were sitting there, and suddenly turned off all the lights?

In fact, imagine if all the visible light was removed from the room. Now it’s pitch dark and you can’t see anything.

What would happen if I then asked you to re-arrange the furniture? How successful would you be at rearranging the furniture in a room that’s completely dark?

The answer is: not very!

You’d bang your shins on the coffee table, fumble around, and be essentially incapable of making even the simplest of changes.

Now, because you can’t rearrange the furniture in a room where you can’t SEE anything, does that mean you’re incapable of rearranging furniture? Of course not!

You are PERFECTLY capable of rearranging furniture, when you can see what the heck you’re doing.

Your Subconscious Mind is like that dark room. We don’t know exactly what’s in there, because we can’t see it; it’s hidden beneath the surface, like that bottom 90% of the iceberg.

But when you can’t see something, it’s awfully hard to change it.

However, just because you can’t SEE something, doesn’t mean it’s not there and affecting your daily life.

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