Tips to Increase Production at Home and Work

Distractions – they are everywhere and they rob you of focus, concentration, and diligence. How often have you found yourself gazing out the window when you have piles of work to do? Do you find it difficult not to check your cellphone while taking care of errands around the house?

Staying on task seems to be a difficulty for most people. Living a productive life does not have to be a pipe dream. From the moment your feet hit the floor in the morning, you can be productive. I am here to enlighten you with some expert tips I have developed over the years. You see, I too was a procrastinator and I have fought long and hard to make drastic improvements.

Why Is Productivity Such an Issue?

The reason most people are unproductive is likely not what you think. Laziness is not a problem with most people. No, it is not drive either. The real reason people procrastinate is fear. Yes, you read that correctly.

When people find themselves faced with a challenge that stretches their abilities, fear begins to set in and they begin thinking of every excuse they can. If you have ever been given a big project at work, you likely know this to be correct.

A lack of productivity also means a lack of discipline. Being unable to fully commit to completing a task at home or work can kill your accomplishments. The key to improving your home and workflow is to work smarter, not harder.

Tips for Improving Productivity

There are a few tips that can help you overcome your procrastination and increase your productivity like never before.

1. One of the biggest mistakes people make is trying to multitask. We have all been programmed to believe multitasking is possible, but this is not entirely true. The human brain is not wired to multitask and doing so can destroy your productivity. [Believe it or not, research has revealed multitasking can reduce your productivity by as much as 40%

2. Many people might think it counterproductive, but taking scheduled breaks can greatly increase productivity. Short breaks help to enhance concentration and will assist you in staying on task until you finish your work. If you choose to keep working for long stretches, you will experience stress, poor concentration levels, and problems with memory.

3. Complete short tasks right away. If you can complete a task in a couple of minutes, there is no reason to put it off. Make your bed, sign those papers, send that quick text. Clean the sink. There are so many tasks you can complete in mere minutes. Getting these out of the way will increase productivity because you are making accomplishments.

4. Organization is crucial for amping up productivity. If your tools are in various locations, the job is going to be more time-consuming. Whether you are cleaning or preparing a business proposal, organization is key. Clean your desk and make sure you have all the tools for the job. These two steps alone create amazing results.

5. To-do lists might seem old-fashioned, but they can have a deep impact on your psyche. Being able to visually see crossed out accomplishments helps you to feel encouraged because goals are being met. A list made at the beginning of the day will help keep you on course.

6. As mentioned above, distractions are everywhere. One of the biggest distractions people face today is digital. Did you know people spend about ¼ of their workday browsing social media sites and checking their phones? It is wise to set limits on usage. Turn off notifications and put the phone out of sight until you are breaking or finished with work.

The above tips can make a huge difference in the way you approach tasks and complete them. If you take a concerted effort and approach tasks with full focus, positive results result.

Do You Need a Productivity Coach?

Noah St. John is a speaker, author, and coach who works to encourage his clients to rise to their highest potential. He can help you determine the obstacles that prevent you from being productive so the right strategies can be put into place.

Life is all about finding the perfect balance and Mr. St. John commits himself to help his clients increase productivity and focus so they can make their financial dreams come true. Due to his guidance and expertise, his clients have added over $2 billion dollars in sales.

If your productivity has become stagnant and your zeal is passionless, Noah St. John can help. For more information on booking or making a purchase, visit Allow him to help you transform your life one step at a time. I “Technology and the Human Brain » Brain World.” Brain World, 20 Sept. 2017,

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