How Your Assumptions Form Your Life and What To Do About It

You are continually forming assumptions about life and your relationship to it…

But most of them are unconscious…

And negative.

As a result, most of your actions are governed by
assumptions you formed years, even decades ago.

For example, if you grew up experiencing
a lack of love, support, or opportunity…

Which is what most of us grew up with…

You probably formed unconscious assumptions like

I’ll never be very successful

I’m not good enough

I probably can’t do it

And if these are your unconscious assumptions…

What do you think your actions will be?


Your actions will tend to be tentative, fearful,
and anticipating failure…

And your results will tend to be less than desirable.

On the other hand, what if you grew up experiencing
an abundance of love, support, and opportunity?

What then would your assumptions about life be?

Probably things like…

I can live the life I choose

There’s plenty of opportunity out there!

I can have the things I want

The problem is, of course, that most of us did NOT grow up
experiencing an abundance of love, support, or opportunity…

In fact, the vast majority of human beings grow up
in an environment of not enough…

Not enough love

Not enough support

Not enough money

Not enough opportunity

That’s why the vast majority of human beings have formed
negative, disempowering assumptions about their lives…

And why their actions and results naturally follow.

However, let me give you some wonderful news…

No matter what happened in the past, no one can
force you to think certain thoughts.

YOU, and you alone, control your thoughts, beliefs, and actions.

That’s why the point of using Afformations®
is NOT
to find all the answers…

The point is to form new beliefs that you CAN be, do, and have
the things you want…

And let your mind find a way to make it so.

Take Action Step:

Replace your disempowering assumptions with Afformations® — and watch the miracles happen in your life, too…

I believe in you!

Noah St. John, Author of The Book of Afformations®

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How to Join The
"Automatic Income Club"

Discover My 7-Figure Mindset & Marketing S.Y.S.T.E.M. to Achieve Double-Digit Growth in Your Business and Get Your Life Back

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