Gary Vaynerchuk Quotes - This Gary Vaynerchuk Quote Changed My Life

Looking for Gary Vayerchuk quotes? Want to know the Gary Vaynerchuk quote that changed my life and what this means for YOU? 

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However, today I want to share a story about the day I hosted Gary Vaynerchuk and how that day -- and the one Gary Vaynerchuk quote - that changed my life.

Gary Vaynerchuk is the CEO of Vaynermedia, a super social media marketer and serial entrepreneur, he's been on CNBC and is known for getting attention for himself and his business service.

When I look at Gary Vaynerchuk, I see a brilliant social media marketer across all social media platforms, and someone who provides valuable service -- whether he's speaking in Dubai or giving encouraging advice in an interview, no matter if there's a pandemic or what the future may hold.

Gary Vaynerchuk's

Gary even talks about the Taylor Swift Rule. As Gary explains in his keynote speeches, Taylor Swift has found ways to break through the clutter, distraction, and the constant battle for our attention that is our modern existence -- and we need to do so to, if we want to make our fortune. (I wonder if Taylor knows about this.)

I'll never forget the day I met Gary Vaynerchuk -- it was in March 2009, more than a decade ago the first time he spoke at a popular business conference.

Now this day was a high-level business event -- you could call it the Super Bowl of entrepreneurship -- in this great hall filled with business people from around the world.

This was when he was still doing each episode of his wine show every day, years before he had his advertising agency or sports agency or interactive team, and he wasn't even doing business services at the time. (I'm sure it was in his plans, however, because Gary Vee is always looking to the future.)

Gary Vaynerchuk and Noah St. John
Gary Vaynerchuk and Noah St. John in March 2009

It was really hard watching him back then, because as special as that day was, I remember thinking, "Wow, he's a genius -- but I don't know what the heck he just said."

In those days, I didn't understand what he told us. Maybe I wasn't ready or maybe the conditions weren't set, or maybe my company wasn't ready to pivot like that. 

But I was close enough at one of the round tables in the front to him for him to see me.

Finally, he said...  

"Any questions?"

Well, I saw this was a huge opportunity, so I put up my hand -- and temporarily didn't know what to say.

But I was the only one with my hand in the air. 

So Gary points to me and calls on me.

I wanted to grow my company and didn't want the opportunity to be lost, so I said...

"Well Gary, I think everything you just said was right. But I didn't understand a word of it."

Everyone in the conference room starts laughing and applauding.

So, Gary says... 

"What do you do?"

I said, "I'm a business coach. I help business owners, entrepreneurs and organizations make more money and bring them the tools so they can have more wealth and freedom."

Gary says, "Great, so you sell books and online courses and coaching programs, right?"

"You got it," I said.

So he says the one Gary Vaynerchuk quote of all the Gary Vaynerchuk quotes that changed my life.

Gary says to me, "Give your content away for free."

gary vaynerchuk's

My mouth fell open. My legs might have been acorns, because I was rooted the the floor. I might have sat there for months if the conference hadn't ended.

Of course, this is common knowledge now

Back then, however, it was a radically new concept.

After going back to my hotel room to contemplate what had just happened, I put myself on notice and started to follow that Gary Vaynerchuk quote and change the way I did business.

I began posting on YouTube, Facebook, doing videos, writing articles for SUCCESS and Entrepreneur and appearing on more than 1,000 podcasts and other media outlets. 

Now I've been on more than 1,000 media interviews and I give away free information to help people learn more about me and the techniques that I do 

For example, I help people like you to double or triple their income while working less -- here's a free sample of how I do that, and how I can help you, too. 

Shortly after that first fateful meeting, I had the special opportunity to host Gary Vaynerchuk in my car when he visited my town.

I'll always treasure our two days together, because he was so focused and generous in terms of his businesses in every interaction with his audience and fans (called Vayniacs) or interactions with the media. 

He hardly got any sleep. Without question, his motto (then as now) was Hustle and Pay It Forward.

When I'm giving keynote speeches, when I'm on podcast or doing my own online events, I consistently strive to give TONS of value. 

In addition, Gary took the time to talk with every single person who came up to him, even if sometimes I felt they were invading his privacy.  

Gary listened deeply to each person and made them feel special. 

In short, there's no question that I'll always be grateful to Gary Vaynerchuk and the Gary Vaynerchuk quote that changed my life.

AnI did get a very nice testimonial from Gary for my new book called Power Habits®: The New Science for Making Success Automatic 

You can get this book at and you can also get up to $599.00 in FREE Bonuses. 

I will always be very grateful to Gary Vaynerchuk for everything that I've learned from you over the last 10 years. 

I hope this article on Gary Vaynerchuk quotes has set the stage for you to find the strength to invest in yourself - even for an hour a day.

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Gary Vaynerchuk's

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