The Fastest Way to Lose Money in Your Business

As entrepreneurs the fastest way to make money in your business and that's really important, but what's even more important is to learn the fastest way to lose money. 

How to avoid it?  

Building a business is kind of like climbing a mountain, there's lots of peaks and valleys up with sin downs. 

I mean if you've been in business any length of time you know that it's not a straight line to success. It's a lot of ups and down so it's kind of like climbing a mountain. 

It's really helpful to have someone guide you there just like Sir Edmund Hillary. 

Sir Edmund Hillary was the first person to summit Mount Everest but he had a guy, he had his Sherpa Tenzing Norgay who helped him get to the top. 

When you're in business it's really important to have someone there to guide you a mentor a Sherpa. 

Someone who's been there and someone most importantly who's helped other people get to the summit not just themselves. 

I had to invest over half a million dollars over the last ten years that's $50,000 a year that I invested. 

Now I use the word invest not spend because when you spend money then it's just gone but when you invest money of course the purpose is to get a Return on Your Investment (ROI). 

Fastest Ways You Can Lose Money in Your Business 

That's why it's so important to understand that one of the fastest ways you can lose money in your business is to invest in the wrong mentor and invest in the wrong coach. 

Unfortunately, I did have many times I invested in the wrong person and the wrong people who took my money and I didn't get a positive ROI on it. 

So, you've got to be very careful and this is one of the things that we teach at our Freedom Lifestyle Experience live events. 

Which is that a mentor is someone who believes in you before you believe in yourself because I know for many of you may not believe in yourself. 

You may have what I call Head Trash getting rid of your head trash about money. 

And so actually you can get this book for FREE at 

Lot of people have what I call head trash that says I can't do it because I'm too old, I'm not smart enough who's going to listen to me and whatever. 

What is a Mentor? 

The right mentor believes in you before you believe in yourself. 

Also, the right mentor gives you a proven plan of action, a system, a blueprint, a strategy that is not just work for themselves but much more importantly as work for others. 

And that's why one of the things that I love to say is that I'd rather brag about the car that I helped you get that's in your garage rather than the cars that are in my garage. 

When you go on the internet all you see is these dudes bragging about all the cars that are in their garage and that's great it's fine nothing wrong with that. 

We all want nice things, we all want nice cars, nice homes and vacations. 

To have what I call a freedom lifestyle where you have more time, more energy, better relationships and more money. 

But the problem is that for those gurus the fake ones what the problem is that they've only made money for themselves they really haven't helped other people to do it. 


And so that's why you want to make sure that you find a mentor or coach someone who's helped other people get to their summit how other people reach their pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. 

That's why when you go to and you'll see dozens and dozens of success stories from people just like you will I've helped to add 6, 7 and yes even 8-figures to their business. 

We can hop on the phone and I can map out a 6 or 7 blueprint for you to so that you can reach your goals faster easier and with less human effort. 

And finally, the number one thing you want to avoid so that you don't lose money in your business is is not mastering your Inner Game and Outer Game of success. 

So many people come to me after they've gone to all the Guru's they've already spent tons of money and time and effort and they're still stuck. 

At our Freedom Lifestyle Experience live event I'm going to teach you in national days how to master your inner game and your outer game of success.  

So that you cannot just have the right mindset and the right habits but also have the right systems and strategies in place your lead magnets your sales funnel. 

I'm going to give you the whole 7-figure blueprint that I've helped my coaching clients over the last 20 years to add over 2.7 billion dollars in sales. 

Just go to and grab your tickets now to what some people call quite possibly the most transformational event on the planet today.   

For everyone here at Success Clinic I'm Noah St. John reminding you that you are not alone and I look forward to being a part of your success story. 

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Noah St. John, Creator of Freedom Lifestyle Experience

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How to Join The
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Discover My 7-Figure Mindset & Marketing S.Y.S.T.E.M. to Achieve Double-Digit Growth in Your Business and Get Your Life Back

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