Chapter 2: “What’s Stopping You From Attracting More Money” [2 of 5]

Let’s get right to it…

Yesterday you learned that the MOST important thing

you can do to attract more money is to get crystal clear
about what you really, really want.

Today I was going to share with you how to
attract your desires on complete autopilot,
but I decided to save that for another day.

Instead. after talking with Babette, my beautiful wife,
I’ve decided to change today’s agenda…

And I’ll tell you how she convinced me
in a bit.

You should be happy she did.

You’re about to see why.

Today, you’re going to learn about
the magic of belief.

Before we get to that …

Let me share with you WHY
believing in yourself is so important.

First, we start with desire.

That means, answering the question
for yourself, once and for all…

“What do you really want?”

In the ancient Hindu text known as the Rig Veda,
desire is called “the first seed of mind.”

Everything we humans do
begins from a seed of desire.

The next stage is belief.

Let me show you what I mean…

Imagine that you were in a baseball game…

And you’re about to go up to bat
against a major-league pitcher…

Someone who can throw a fastball
about 90 mph…

And it could be right at your head!

How confident would you feel
in that situation that you could get a hit?

Probably, not very.

The point is…

You have a desire
(in this example, to get a hit)…

But you don’t have the belief
that you can actually do it.

In fact, you’re pretty darn sure
you can’t do it!

If this is the case, what
would your actions be?

Your actions in this case would be…

  • Tentative
  • Fearful
  • Anticipating failure
  • Certain that it won’t work out
  • Not believing in yourself
  • Believing that someone else can do it better than you can

Now if your actions are tentative and fearful…

What do you think your results in life are going to be?


NOT getting the results you want…

So in this example, you don’t get a hit.

When you put it all together,
here’s what it looks like…

Desire: “I want to get a hit.”

Belief: But there’s no way I can do this.

Actions: Tentative and fearful.

Result: Not getting a hit.

Look, we all have desires…

Whether it’s the desire for more money…

Fame & fortune

A new car

To lose weight

To be healthier

To find the love of your life

Or simply to be happy 

Imagine that you’re thinking about
this thing that you want…

And remember, we’re not only talking
about material things like money,
a new car, a nicer house, a private jet…

Although these things are fine
and actually pretty cool!…

We’re also talking about intangible,
yet hugely important things…

Things you can’t measure…

But things that make life worth living

Things like health, love, joy, fulfillment,
connection, and happiness.

The point is…

What happens to you in the moment
you think about having this thing –
whether it’s a material thing or a
non-material thing – that you desire?

For most people, what happens is…

Deep down, they have an inner story
about why they can’t be, do, or have
that thing they really want.

Now, when you want something…

But have an inner story about
why you can’t have it, do it, or be it…

What are your actions going to be?


Is it any wonder why most people quit
before they get what they really want
out of life?

But wait a minute…

The problem is actually NOT just that
most people quit before they get what
they really want out of life.

There is actually another, even bigger problem
when it comes to financial freedom that
almost nobody talks about…

And that’s what you and I are going to
talk about next time.

Until then, here’s your homework assignment
for today’s lesson…

Today’s assignment is I want you to
take the thing you wrote from your
Lesson 1 assignment…

And write a post on the fan page
about your inner story about that thing.

If you haven’t done the assignment
from Lesson 1 yet…

What are you waiting for?

Here’s the link…


Do that assignment first…

Then “Like” the new fan page
and share your story…

For example, if the thing you wrote was “More Money”…

And A LOT of you wrote that’s what you want btw…

Then write a post about your inner story
about having a lot more money.

That means, answering the question…

What do you really believe about
your ability to have a lot more money…

And more importantly, Why?

Or let’s say you wrote “I’d like to have
more clients in my business”

Then share a post about your inner story
about what you believe about attracting a lot more
paying clients into your business right now, and why.

Got it?

OK, get writing!

Oh and I almost forgot…

You get extra credit and you could
even win some cash IF …

You can do as I’ve done above, and you
share a really clear and compelling story
about being, doing, or having the thing you desire.

Come over and “Like” the fan page
and share your story…

Most compelling story today wins $100.

Tomorrow, now that you know how
important it is to know your own “story”…

We’re going to switch directions for a bit.

There’s a concept that I want you to
learn that will put you ahead of the
curve by a MILE when it comes to
attracting your desires…

I guarantee it will change the way you
think about money and abundance forever.

Tomorrow’s lesson will be a game-changer
for some of you.

After you get that, I’ll share how to use it
to attract your desires on automatic pilot.

For now, “Like” the fan page
and get your homework in…

Remember, there is a potential $100 reward
attached to today’s lesson…

I’ll see you tomorrow.

To your freedom,

P.S. I haven’t decided the exact time
for our live event, but
I’ll let you know when I have.

P.P.S. If you think you have to be “perfect”
and have everything figured out before
you can start attracting your desires
on complete autopilot, you are SO wrong!

I’m NOT perfect and have never claimed to be.

But I’m doing OK for myself and so can you…

I believe in you!

Noah St. John, Author of The Book of Afformations®

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