5 Minutes For The Next 30 Years Of Your Life (A Rant)

Five minutes for the next 20 years of your life. Have you thought about not just the next 6 months? Not just the next 12 months. Not just the next 5 years, but the next 20 years of your life.  

Would you like to have a road map a blueprint so that you can get to your goals your pot of gold at the end of the rainbow faster easier and with less human effort. 

So, you know, it's funny this do this book of mine just came out last year in 2019 and prior to that. I had another book that came out in 2009 called the Secret Code of Success and before that. I had a book called Permission to Succeed that came out in 1999.  

Permission to Succeed, Secret Code of Success and Power Habits. They represent 20 years of work over two decades of helping people just like you to add multiple 6, 7 and even 8-figures to their business all while working less while getting out of overwhelm and not having information overload.  

So, how have I been able to do that? How have I been able to do that for people just like you it really comes down to a few principles that you've got to make sure you do because if you ignore these principles, it's going to cost you in time.  

It's going to cost you money and it's going to cost you in ways that effort one of the very important things that we look at when I work with my $50,000 coaching clients is, we look at where do you want to go?  

It sounds so simple. It sounds so obvious; you know from the time that I was a little kid. I always wanted to be an author. I dreamed of being an author a publisher. 

Having books of my own, having my name on books and my picture on books, I never knew how it would happen and I didn't think that anybody would ever listen to me because at the age of 25, I was suicidal I decided to commit suicide one day in night in 1993.  


And so, I was 25 years old. And so why would anybody ever listen to me? I didn't think anybody would even though I had that dream.  

Well it takes too long for me to understand what it really means to be a published author to have works out in the world. And now my programs my products are sold in over 120 countries around the world according to Google analytics.  

And so how did I do it came from having a burning desire a just a focus that went beyond my current situation. Even when I decided to commit suicide I was saved at the very last minute.  

I tell that story in the book but the point is that what is it for you? What do you want to do in the next two decades of your life?  

Some of us can't even see fast the next week, right? And we're just trying to get through the week. 

Millions of people go to work every day and they feel hopeless they feel helpless. They don't know where to turn and so that is the second principle that I want to share with you is you've got to choose your mentors very carefully.  

This is one thing that I wish I would have learned a long time ago; you know in an earlier episode of ask Noah St. John I talked about if I could go back in time and talk to my younger self. Well, of course, we all know we can't go back in time.  

But what we can do is we can look forward and so one of the things that I want you to do as you look forward as you're moving forward in your life and in your business. 

How to Find the Right Mentor for You? 

You've got to be very careful about the mentors that you choose and why is that because the wrong Mentor can really cost you in terms of time money and effort. 

Only happened to me over and over and over again because I trusted the wrong people in this industry. Unfortunately, there are a bunch of how can I put this nicely? 

There are a lot of flying sociopaths out there because what a sociopath is a person who doesn't care what their actions do right now. I'm an empath I grew up taking care of my mother my mother's emotional needs and so I became very empathic that means I can feel a person's feelings.  

Well meanwhile most of the people in the industry the big names the good is that you see out there are sociopaths. That means they don't care, you know, and unfortunately, I've hired a lot of them paid a lot of money. It doesn't matter.  

And so that's what I want you to realize is that the right Mentor will believe in you before you believe in yourself.  

I never had that I didn't have that for years and years until I met my wife my beautiful wife Babette. She was the first person who believed in me even before I believed in myself.  

I've been doing this for a long time with no one who believed in me and it's very lonely when you have that and when you're in that situation and millions of people are in that situation. 

So, if you find yourself in that situation, I encourage you to find a mentor who has not just made money for themselves, but it was help others make money who has helped others reach their goals who has helped others get to their pot of gold.  

That's why when you go to NoahCoaching.com, you'll see not just me bragging about myself. 

All you'll see is stories of people like you that I've helped because I'd rather brag about the car that's in your garage that I hope you to get rather than the cars in my garage because all the guru's is what they do is they brag about all that great stuff that they've got. 

We all want to have lots of money and be rich and famous. But if they've only done it for one person meaning themselves, then you don't have a system. You have a personality. And of course, the point is you can't be them. 

I need it. Neither. I can't be them. You can't be them. I can only be myself and you can only be yourself. 

The point is and this is the third principle that I want to share with you. We don't rise to the level of our goals. We fall to the level of our systems. 

For the Next 20 Years, How Would You Live Your Life? 

If you don't have the systems in place for the next 5, 10, 20 years of your life or even the next year. It's going to be impossible for you to reach your goals because goals don't just happen magically.  

They don't just come out of thin air, even though a lot of people teach that if you just think about money then money will pour in from the ceiling.  

Well, it would be nice if that were true. Wouldn't it? Right?  

It would be nice. If we didn't have to work to get the things that we wanted sadly on planet Earth. 

We have to do this annoying thing called work whether it's to lose weight to stay in shape to have a happy relationship or to build your business and make money and have an impact and influence around the world.  

You have to do the work but hard work is not enough. That's the whole point.  

We hear people say all the time while the secret to success is hard work and hustle if that were true, then my parents would be the richest people in the world. 

Because they worked hard all their lives, but they were never able to get ahead why because of exactly what I'm saying right now.  

They didn't really have their goals in place. They definitely didn't have any help or support and they really worked hard without having the right systems in place and I did that for years to so I don't want that to happen for you or for those that you love.  

So, when you go to NoahCoaching.com we can just get on the phone and I will take a look at exactly what you have right now and look at your goals and I can show you how to get there faster easier and less human effort.  

And we also want to also invite you to our live event called Freedom Lifestyle Experience because it's a two-day transformational event where I will show you exactly how to master your inner game and your outer game into transformational days.  

Just go to FreedomLifeX.com   

So, for everyone here at Success Clinic, I'm Noah St. John reminding you that you are not alone and I look forward to being a part of your success story. 

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Noah St. John, Creator of Freedom Lifestyle Experience

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