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Peak Performance: Power Habits®
The New Science for Making Success Automatic®

Every day, your desires, your beliefs, and your drive PULL you toward your goals. But just when you start to make progress… Your mind PUSHES you back!

Join best-selling author Noah St. John and discover how to put your business on autopilot, accelerate your income, boost your self-confidence, and make success AUTOMATIC.

Right now, you’re sitting on a goldmine…but you’re probably digging away with a teaspoon. Stop working so hard and start Making Success Automatic® using the Power Habits® of Unconsciously Successful People!

In this action-packed session, you’ll discover…

  • 7 costly mistakes that are keeping your business stuck
  • Why it’s so hard to change your habits (Hint: It’s not what you’ve been told)
  • The “secret sauce” to financial and emotional freedom
  • 5 proven steps to build a business and life you love using the Power Habits® that put your success on cruise control!


  • Increased Employee Engagement
  • Improved Productivity Skills
  • More Innovation & Creativity
  • Real Inspiration and Lasting Motivation

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Norm Legault - Ceo Nash Logistics
“My company went from $125,000 in sales to over $1.3 million in sales in just 15 months using Noah’s program.”
Norm Legault | CEO NASH Logistics

Leadership: The Peak Performance Edge

According to Noah St. John, most leaders overcomplicate their jobs. In reality, a leader’s success comes from focusing on five simple steps—steps that can be found in the acronym D.R.E.A.M.

Based on the model in his best-selling programs The Book of Afformations® and The Power Habits® System, Noah reveals the proven steps that highly successful and effective leaders take to achieve remarkable results.

Using real-life case studies, Noah presents a new approach to leadership—one that transforms leaders from ordinary to extraordinary in a surprisingly short period of time.

Audience members will leave with a step—by—step action plan to become a more effective leader both at home and with their families.


  • Better Leadership from the Inside Out
  • Proven Steps to Greater Creativity
  • Advanced Coaching Skills
  • Getting A Lot More Done with A Lot Less Stress

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Lynda Nelson
“My team’s recruiting has grown 300% and I have personally DOUBLED my personal production since working with Noah. Thank you so much for changing my life and business!”
Lynda Nelson | Texas

Recognition Done Right – How to Improve Employee Engagement in a Distracted World

Engaged employees are rare: a recent Gallup report shows that only 13% of employees are actively engaged at work. Yet without engaged employees, your growth, revenues and profits will remain stuck. So how can we increase employee engagement in a distracted world without spending a lot of time and money?

In this eye-opening session, you’ll discover…

  • Why an effective Recognition Program is crucial to your organization’s growth
  • The #1 thing you must avoid if you want to increase employee engagement
  • Noah’s 3R Formula to make your Recognition Program a success
  • How you can easily develop a highly effective Recognition Program to increase engagement, lower costs, and reduce your stress


  • Increased Employee Engagement
  • Lower Stress
  • Better Management Systems
  • Authentic Motivation that Lasts

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“Using just ONE IDEA Noah taught me, I made an additional $29,000 in one week and an extra $22,000 in a DAY!”
Janie Armstrong | CEO Solution to Wealth

Personal Growth: The Inner Game of Success

Noah St. John claims that most companies have enough organizational intelligence, intellectual property and human capital to succeed, but ultimately fail to leverage those assets because they get “stuck”. Stuck in habits and old ways of thinking that used to work, but no longer produce the results they once did.

Just as a person’s health can be measured with a doctor’s visit, Noah recommends a “Stuckness Checkup” and defines a healthy organization as one where internal confusion and politics are minimized and an atmosphere of clarity and employee productivity can flourish.

Built upon his proven model in The Power Habits® System, Noah helps people understand the disarming simplicity and power of getting unstuck, and reveals the five actionable steps that allow them to get there.

Using case studies and examples from his work with executives, Noah offers recommendations on how to gain clarity around the organization’s destination, vision, resources, and strategy; how to increase the effectiveness of internal communication; and how to align human systems with the overall goals of the organization.

Audience members will leave with a step-by-step process to begin the process of building a truly healthy organization.


  • Dramatically Improved Communication Skills
  • Higher Levels of Employee Engagement
  • Practical Steps for Managing the Chaos
  • Reduced Stress and Greater Work-Life Balance

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Cari Murphy - Radio Host
“Since working with Noah, I TRIPLED my income, renewed my personal relationships, and took my life to the next level of overall wealth… all in less than 12 months!”
Cari Murphy | Radio Host

Sales/Goals: Raising the B.A.R. On Your Goals

After working with thousands of individuals and organizations, Noah St. John has found the simple reason most people don’t reach their goals: they don’t believe they can.

And even though they’ve tried everything from “positive thinking” to “affirmations”, most people remain stuck. Based on the model in his best-selling programs The Book of Afformations® and The Power Habits® System, Noah shows why so many people stop themselves from the level of success they’re capable of, and provides a proven, step-by-step process for achieving worthy goals.

Using real-world case studies and examples from his work with business owners and executives, Noah gives a simple way to understand where and why you’re stuck; how to align your daily habits with your true goals; and how to reach your personal and organizational goals.

Your audience will leave with actionable steps to achieve their goals faster and with less human effort and capital.


  • A Proven Method for Reaching Your Goals Faster, Easier, and With Less Stress
  • Cost Savings
  • Better Time Management
  • Greater Fulfillment and Job Satisfaction

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Kathy Bellinger - BeautiControl
“As a result of using Noah’s Power Habits Formula, I gained so much confidence in building my team, and my team sales and team volume doubled!”
Kathy Bellinger | BeautiControl