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Define Effective (Video)

“Effectiveness lies in the P/PC Balance. P stands for production of desired results – the golden egg in the story that follows…

PC stands for production capability, the ability or asset that produces the golden eggs. Here’s a story of how it works…

One day, a poor farmer discovers in the nest of his pet goose a glittering golden egg…

At first, he thinks it must be some kind of trick. But he takes it to the assayer, and find out – it’s pure gold!

The farmer can’t believe his good future. He becomes even more incredulous the following day when the experience is repeated…

But then something happens that changes everything…

Hear the rest of the story on today’s #AskNoahStJohn Episode 111…

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Noah’s Note: Define Effective

Today’s #AskNoahStJohn Show is compliments of The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People by Stephen Covey

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