There are only two ways to go through life. . .

Coming from Love, and coming from Fear.

When you’re coming from Fear, you’re coming from a place of Not-Enough.

When you’re coming from Love, you’re coming from a place of Enough.

Come from a place of Enough.

Why should you come from a place of Enough?

1. Coming from Not-Enough makes you appear needy.

2. When you appear needy, people are not attracted to you. In fact, they’re repelled by you.

3. When you come from Enough, however, you become magnetically attractive to people around you – the people who can help you grow your business and elevate your life.

4. Coming from Enough means you let go of outcomes and focus on the present.

5. Coming from Enough means that you let go of worry, fear, and anxiety.

Come from a place of Enough…

And everything will start to flow much easier for you.

Noah’s Note: Come from a place of Enough. #afformations #PowerHabitsAcademy

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